Media Training

Your message is only as powerful as the person who delivers it. BBB’s expert Media Training and Executive Presentation Coaching team is dedicated to providing all the skills necessary for impactful interviews and presentations.


Learn the tricks of the trade in a friendly, positive environment with our tailor made training sessions that are customized for everyone from novices to experienced public speakers. Receive constructive feedback, practical suggestions, and follow-up reporting to make your next presentation or interview successful and on-target.


  •    •  Craft an on-target message
  •    •  Build confidence and reduce anxiety
  •    •  Eliminate bad habits
  •    •  Learn how to properly prepare for a presentation
  •    •  Become more comfortable in front of an audience or camera
  •    •  Maintain control of the interview and stay on message
  •    •  Improve on-camera style
  •    •  Connect with an audience for a memorable and effective experience


As one of the entertainment industry’s most trusted public relations companies BBB has represented over 200 productions on Broadway and across the globe. Contact us to see how our unique experience can benefit you and your organization.